AUTO ROBO SOFTWARE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

AUTO ROBO SOFTWARE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


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What is Robotic Trading?

Robotic Trading is a software that automatically performs trading in the stock market. In other words, the software will buy and sell shares and will manage all the customers trading, including the stop loss, the number of shares the customer traded, and their target.     

How does Robo Trader function?

Platform analysis programs like MT4 and amibroker sends signals through its algorithm which makes conditions to buy or sell the stocks and later the software automatically gets the signal to transfer it to the broker for the further orders.


What are the prerequisites to start Robotics Trading?

The user will require a system or a computer which has an operating system (Windows XP or above), Virtual Private Server, and a broker account in NOW, NEST or the ODIN terminals.

Do we need any permission from the broker to use Auto-Robots?

The company’s representative will help the customer out to get permission and any kind of access.

What is Robotic-ally managing system?

It is a software that automatically performs trading in the stock market. In other words, the software will buy and sell shares and will manage all the customers trading, including the stop loss, the amount of shares the customer traded, and their target.    
What is the difference between Robo plugin and Robot Trader trading system?

Robo Trading System deals with the buying and selling process with all the protocols and Robo trader Plugin is a software patch that helps to manage trading terminal, expiry, scrip, and many more. The trading system is required for the Roobo Plugin.   

Can we connect our own trading system with Robo trader?

The user can connect their trading system with Robo trader if it is written by amibroker or MT4. Another option is to discuss with the developer team to develop their own trading system. The service will be done at some cost.

Can I use my current Trading account?

Yes, the user can, but their trading terminal should be with NOW, NEST or ODIN.

Which broker terminal is compatible with Robo Trader? 

ODIN Diet, NEST, NOW, and Odin client for dealer (Multi-Client) Robo are the broker terminals compatible with Robo Trader.

What is the minimum amount required to start Auto Trading? 

It is up to the client’s broker. Very few provide loan or leverage. For the minimum margin, the client should contact their broker.

Can I trade multiple scrips together? 

Yes, the client can.

Can I connect multiple scrip charts with Algo Trading?

Yes, the client can.

Can Robots maintain my Stop Loss and Target? 

Yes, the Robots can maintain the stop loss and target.

Can Auto trading robot squire of all my position in pre-seated time?

Yes, they squire off all the position in the pre-seated time.

Is Automated trading suitable for Level trading?

Yes. It is suitable for level trading. Some of them are Pivot and Gann.

Is Algorithmic trading suitable for multi scrip trading? E.g.: Signals in Nifty Future but trade should execute Nifty options.

Yes, it is suitable for multi scrip trading.

Can I set my Stop Loss and Target in both Percentage wise and Point-wise? 

The client can set their stop loss and target in both percentage-wise and point-wise.

Can I manage my quantity as per my margin limit? 

The client can surely manage the quantity as per their margin limit.

Is it possible to trade only on one side? E.g.: Only Long trade or Only Short trade? 

Yes, it is and most suitable for Naked option traders.

What is Cloud or VPS? 

Virtual Private Server operates the copy of an operating system, and the clients will have a superuser-level authorization to the operating system instance, so basically the client can install almost all the software that runs on that operating system.

Will you provide AFL writing service to execute our own trading rules? 

Yes, it will provide all the AFL writing services to execute the trading rules.  

What is the success ratio? 

The success rate depends on the time scripts, frame, and many more attributes. With an interval of 5 minutes, all the liquid scrips will get 60 to 80 percent accuracy.

Do I have to start the software every day in the morning while operating the system in the VPS? 

Yes, the client has to start the software every morning.

Do I have to keep the computer and internet open while Robotic Trade is working? 

Yes, if you do not have VPS. But if you have VPS, keeping the computer on all the time is not necessary.

If the client does not have Virtual Private Server then yes, but if the client does have VPS then keeping the computer on all the time is not essential.

Do I have to set my targets and stop loss for every scrip and what happens if it is not set? 

If the client needs it then yes, but it is not at all critical. The software takes default values if the stop loss and target are not set.

Can I command the RoboTrader to squire off at a particular time? 

Yes, the client can.

Can we get trade confirmation on my mobile?

Yes, it is a facility provided by the software.

What is the procedure to get this software? 

After the payment is confirmed, the client will send a confirmation mail and the technical team will contact the client. After all the process, the technical team advisor will install the software in the client’s system.

What is dealer robo or multi-client robo? 

It is a unique software product for brokers and all the sub-brokers. With this software, the broker can add all their clients and initiate their trade.

How many clients I can add in dealer/Multi-client Robo? 

Unlimited clients can be added in the dealer/Multi-client Robo.

Can I set different quantity for a different client? E.g.: Client a nifty 5 lot, Client B nifty 1 lot, client C nifty 7 lot, etc…? 

Yes, the broker can set different quantity for all the clients.

Can I set different Script for different clients? E.g., client a, Nifty 2 lot, Crude oil 2 lot, Copper 1lot, Silver 2 lot, Client B, Nifty 1, Crudeoil 1, Gold 2, etc… 

The brokers can see different scrips for all the clients.

Can I monitor my VPS from android phone? 

The client can monitor their VPS from their Android devices.

What is the advantage of Cloud (VPS)? 

The advantages of Virtual Private Server are, clients can access their information through their Android devices and all the computers. They can remotely trade, alter their shares. As you will be connected to the VPS, they won’t be needing the internet or computer. User ID and its password are sufficient to log into the server.

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