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Zerodha Pi Coding

Share market is one of the best ways for investors and traders to earn money. In India, the number of traders and investors are increasing with a good boost. Having proper knowledge in share market is very beneficial for making maximum profits.

A handy and smart app developed to ease the users, which is “ZERODHA.”

Get to know about Zerodha Pi Coding: Custom Coding Service

The word “Custom code” is somewhat blurred, and most users ‘ default view may not be accurate. Clarify this: “Custom code,” any functionality incorporated in a product without dedicated resources or support plan and updates.

You buy a packaged product from a software development company that improves the features of your SharePoint environment. Is this code customized? NO, you may not have to write or retain the code yourself as long as the seller maintains a dedication of updates and fixes in the specified version. However, you must check and submit updates frequently.

Zerodha Pi Coding

Zerodha Pi Coding

Zerodha is India’s no. 1 trading app. Zerodha is a private ltd company founded by Nithin Kamath (present CEO). It provides many languages available, and we can use it for trading from anyplace from anywhere it may be your office, home, vacation place, etc. The main benefits of Zerodha are as following : –

  • Comes with 0% brokerage.
  • It has Very less trading charges that are 20 Rs only.
  • Comes with very minimum trading margins in intraday.
  • Provides brilliant prediction of Buy and Sell.

Trading on Zerodha is much beneficial and secure than any other app.

How to trade and what to trade?

The crucial thing we need to trade in share market is Demat account. Zerodha charges no money and the process for account opening is paperless, and it takes less than 5 minutes. Only three things are needed to open the Zerodha account that is: –

  • Name of person
  • Email
  • Mobile no.

After the process of accounting opening, you have proper knowledge about shares and stocks is also essential. Zerodha provides a smart prediction and analyse the Bullish and Bearish trend in market.

When you are logged into the Zerodha, we have to select options like Equity or Nifty in it. We should gain knowledge of trends in the market to earn maximum profit. There will be option given of “BUY ORDER and SELL ORDER,” after placing and particular order we have to keep tracking the trend data.


Know more about Zerodha Pi coding

Zerodha PI coding also known as comfortable Code. Transcript code means to check and to generate Intraday signals. We have to link the Tradescript code by copying and pasting some codes to Zerodha PI code to create the intraday signals. Down below will be some codes and its functions provided.


Trade script code


4 RSI(CLOSE,14) > 50 RSI ABOVE 50


These are some type of codes, and there functions available to use on Zerodha as Transcript code to generate intraday signals. These codes help you to check the stock with the best intraday trade trend, price of commodities, breakouts, volume, etc.

Many times we face errors and troubles while applying these codes on Zerodha.


While applying these codes, it may give some troubles. To solve these problems below down will be given some issues and their solutions.

  1. After copy-pasting to your PI scanner there are many possibilities that errors can occur. E.g. Like. Merging of lines without getting space between them.

Solution- Free the space between characters on the copy-pasted codes on PI scanner.


  1. The scanner shows error messages because there is more than 1 line SET.

Only 1 SET function is allowed by the scanner.

Solution-The solution for this problem is to combine the SET using brackets.



  1. While using the zerodha Pi back-test engine, we mostly forget to enter EXIT LONG SCRIPT while backtesting your BUY SCRIPT.

Solution- To solve the error, we have to put the code ‘EXIT LONG SCRIPT TAB.’CLOSE < OPEN.


  1. The Pi scanner and Pi Expert Adviser is active in trading hours. We can also test our strategy after the trading hours.

Solution- To test your strategy, we have to watch the ALERT TIME CELL color on your scanner window to TURN YELLOW when a stock has been screened.


  1. ‘SCRIPT GENERATED NO TRADES’ this type of messages occurs on scanner what to do next?

Solution – We have to increase backtest periods if necessary, and test your strategy across the variation of time frames.

‘ZERODHA PI SCANNER SOUND ALERT PLUGIN.’ Is available for reference of rectification error.


Along with basic knowledge about the share market. Zerodha is an easy and profitable app which lets to earn you in share market. We learned some codes and their functions in Transcript code to generate Intra-day trade signals, and how to understand and rectify the errors.

This is an important and interesting point that we learned about share market and a useful way to manipulate the profit and loss in share market easily in the most convenient way to learn share market.

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All you should know about Forex Expert Advice ( EA )


As per the current trend of the economy and the finance industry, Forex trading has bumped up with a new exposure of business around the globe. Several experts of business are showing their interest in this stream, thus approaching for indulgence into the subject. To execute in this Forex trading market, the new traders need expert advice in this field to run the trade successfully. Therefore the Forex expert advisor is a program that is highly capable of performing in the terminal by any action, thus following the instructions of an expert trader without his direct involvement into the trade. The advisors perform all the tasks, and that is the reason they are the experts of this trading systems.

Forex Expert Advisor as an Automatic System

This is a program that triggers to send applications to a broker. Without any kind of interference or intervention on the part of the trader who is directly involved in trading. Since it is an automatic program. The traders can install the version of profit Forex expert advisor to the existing online trading platform of Forex. Which is already in link to the broker’s server. Then it can adjust all the settings, and finally, the advisor would start trading by the present strategy. Therefore the system of Forex Expert Advisor is highly beneficial to the traders in taking critical decisions on the trade. It is irreplaceable for the traders since it takes complete care of all the executions of the trade. And this even decreases the responsibility of the involved traders for decision making, thus making the trades less stressful.

Due to the involvement of the Forex Trade Advisors, the traders need not have in-depth technical knowledge about the subject and the fundamental analysis as all the required calculations are already present in the program. Even in the absence of the trader from the workplace, the advisor system is capable enough to handle the trading signals of the running trade.

Specifications of the System of Forex Expert Advisor

To be specific about the technicalities of the Forex Expert Advisors. And the software all info is present in MQL4 Programming Language. This language was developed by the manufacturer of the trading terminal that is used explicitly for writing the expert advisors. It enables the trader to program the trading system without any difficulty that would trade in the online mode for 24 hours long. Therefore the software programmers who are familiar with this language would not have any difficulty in doing the job. This might be a difficult job for ordinary users. The users using the Advisor system can create their technical indicators for the more productive work by the advisors. This would be an excellent addition to the existing indicators in the Meta Trader4 terminal.

Therefore the purpose of using those indicators in the advisor system is to implement the analytic functions and generate the trading signals. There are several built-in Forex Expert Advisors. The trading terminal of the MetaTrader4 (MT4 ) has several kinds of built-in expert advisors. They have the function of an independent trading system along with the trading signals. They are quite famous among the beginner users, and thus it was created to demonstrate accurately the abilities of programming the Meta Trader 4 Client Terminal. The trading terminals can check the advisors on the historical data before using it and can also write advisors. This activity is defined to be another unique feature of using the advisors.

Testing the Forex Expert Advisors

Thus testing the Forex Expert Advisors is very useful as it helps in measuring the effectiveness and ability of a mechanical trading system on the historical data that even enables to estimate the chances of future earnings and errors. If the user has already tested the advisor system and is aware of its behavior in the various market conditions, then they can definitely commence trading without any requirement of intervention. Due to this reason, there is a unique window in the terminal where the user can also optimize the input parameters of the advisors.

For the beginners, it might be challenging to deal with the programmable advisors. But after using it for a month or two. The trader would gradually start understanding all the edges of the system. And would automatically begin to program their own automated trading system. Apart from these programmable benefits. The traders can also configure the advisor to five sound alerts that would greatly facilitate their work. It enables them to spend less time on the graphical analysis of the trades. They are thus expecting a signal to open and close the positions. Therefore we can say that these automatic advisors act to be an excellent support system for Forex trading. Even for the traders who do not have much technical knowledge and understanding about the subject of Forex Trading.

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Things you need to know before buying PAID indicators

Concerning the trader perspective, each that loves in the phase of search of Holy Grail has at least once tried to explore the PAID indicator and usually ends in finding the wrong signs having no edge in the market. It has been estimated that approximately 98% of the PAID signs seem to be the snake oil vendors that is being able to polish the open-source codes through altering the indicator color and some little tweak in the coding and parameters that shows it colorful and exhibit future forecasting stuff through allowing the colossal amount of returns. This article will help the individual to understand some of the steps involved in purchasing the PAID indicators.

Some Important Things to Consider

There are various things that an individual must consider in before purchase the paid indicators. And there are several ways through which an individual is being able to protect themselves from choosing the wrong indicators. Some of the critical consideration in selecting the right indicators is listed below:

  1. Backtest Reports

Ask the provider of PAID indicator to offer the backtest report. Concerning 5 years about the favorite commodity in which the individual is looking to trade. It has been understood that mostly the snake oil vendors don’t have enough data available. When the data is not provided the individual needs to acknowledge more knowledge regarding the provider. In order to make the correct decision in term of choosing his PAID indicator.

  1. Demo

Acquire the DEMO of the paid indicator and backtest it yourself. Which is being available across the favorite timeframe in which the individual is looking to trade. The individual needs to make sure that they are adding the entire cost of trading. It is important for the reason that, the snake oil vendor doesn’t have enough skill set to pass a simple backtest.

  1. Trade Monitor

Monitoring the trading system live for 3 days or even a month to understand the condition of the trading system completely. However, in the instance, if an individual is looking to understand the system based on short-time analysis. Then certainly it is a big mistake. This is for the fact that monitoring for such interval will not help to understand the overall performance of the system.

  1. Past Results

In the instance, if the PAID indicator provider is looking to perform the backtest only for the past month. That comprises with 15 to 20 trades about claim more than 75% winning ratio and insist them to offer the result concerning to last 500 or 1000 traders. In the instance of only observing the high number of trade will provide the idea concerning trading strategy performance. It exists across the various style of, markets along with the riskiness involved in the process of trading involved.

  1. A proper look into trades

When the PAID indicator provider is showing only the indicator snapshot, ask them to display the prediction concerning to future correctly. And then the individual needs to repeat the steps that have been discussed above. In most of the case, if the provider is guaranteeing the sure short return after the process of the trading, it probably seems to be the snake oil vendor.

  1. Know about losses

The person that doesn’t talk regarding the losses or risk included in the trading system is the snake oil vendor. It is quite evident that none of the individuals wants to acknowledge the risky nature of the trading system nor the PAID indicator. They do not want to reveal the risk present. Or don’t have sufficient knowledge to explain the level of riskiness in the trading system.

  1. Know about your Indicators

It has been quite easy to figure out the snake oil vendor that usually represent different charts. And seems to create massive profit through the contact numbers embedded over the tables. This will certainly assist in enhancing the profit margin that eventually relates to the high sales demand.

  1. Better Results

It has been acknowledged that various oil vendors are entering into the Algo Trading segments as the newbie traders. There are many facts that this trading is considered a real money-making machine and thus can forecast better.


These are some of the essential things that an individual must consider while purchasing the PAID indicators. The individual recommends to perform adequate research and follow the steps to attain the right value of their money. Which is spent in choosing the PAID indicator provider. I hope the above discussion regarding the PAID indicator helps you to select the right indicators. If you have any query or suggestion regarding the concerned topic. Let us know by commenting in the box given below. Thanks for your valuable time.

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MCX MT4 Automatic Trading Software

Automatic Robo BUY SELL Signal Software MCX and NSE – NSE FUT

Introducing MT4 Auto robot buy sell trading signal robot trading software – trade with your own strategy or our premium  profitable strategy provide via crudeoperator.

Market Supports: NSE, F&O, MCX
Trading platform : NEST / Trade Tiger /Aliceblue ANT Web/ Angel Speed Pro/ ODIN / ZARODA /KITE/ PI
Cloud/VPS: Support
Self – Selection Strategy: Supports

Platform analysis programs like MT4 ( meta trader )and amibroker sends signals through its algorithm which makes conditions to buy or sell the stocks and later the software automatically gets the signal to transfer it to the broker for the further orders.

ODIN Diet, NEST, NOW, and Odin client for dealer (Multi-Client) Robo are the broker terminals compatible with Robo Trader.

It is up to the client’s broker. Very few provide loan or leverage. For the minimum margin, the client should contact their broker.

Virtual Private Server operates the copy of an operating system, and the clients will have a superuser-level authorization to the operating system instance, so basically the client can install almost all the software that runs on that operating system.

EA – expert advice provider as per client requirement.

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All you need to know about Expert Advisors

popular mcx mt4 auto trading software in india

What are Expert Advisors?

Expert Advisors (EAs) are a couple of software running on the Meta Trader Platform. It can just advise traders on which trade needs to be done. Through this, it also can be programmed to execute the trades automatically. Once the position gets fixed, the expert advisor can add close conditions including stops, trailing stops, and limits.

This software is very flexible which can take any information into account that is available on the Meta Trader platform. A proprietary programming language called Meta Quotes Language Version 4 is present while completing this program.

How it Works?

EAs work by letting you decide the parameters through which you can find opportunities and even open and closed positions. This can also be completed by using the use of a set of yes/no rules to trigger trading decisions. The trader himself can set the EA’s parameters, or you can also import them from someone other pre-build design.

By analyzing numerous yes/no rules into a complex mathematical model, EAs make sophisticated trading strategies by utilizing computational strength to make decisions and act on them instantly.

Why Expert Advisory is Popular-

People often love to have money which will be used to make more money. It can only happen when you are utilizing your investments in the market in open positions. And the gains are either withdrawn or used to open larger or more profitable positions which may make more money. With the help of EAs, there exist loads of yes/no rules that trigger a trade to open or close.

  • Saves Time:

EAs also save a lot of time for the trader. An already programmed EA can monitor hundreds of markets, which implies you don’t have to watch price movements all the time in a day in order to find new opportunities. You can also decide how much time you dedicate with the help of EA in a particular task.

  • Not emotional

EAs also help to trade with no emotions. Emotions often encourage the traders to hold on to a losing trade for longer than you should as you cannot realize the loss, or dive into a reckless trade too quickly, riding high off a big win.

  • Flexibility:

EAs also give the flexibility to trade using MT4. It takes lots of information into account like price movements, economic announcements, technical indicators or even your current available balance.

  • Backtesting:

It also allows traders to backtest. In order to prepare a strategy, traders often learn from history. This can also implement Historical steps in order to check whether the steps are profitable or not. One can easily do this without losing anything. Backtesting is nothing but running one strategy against a chunk of real historical data and seeing how it performed. It helps to weed out any issues before they end up losing you real money.

  • Great Accessibility:

The accessibility of EAs is also one of the most significant factors. One can easily build his strategy or directly can export the strategy from someone else. By importing one can get the critical ideas of trading pattern and it would need simple tailoring.

Is there any Risk in Expert Advisory?

There are multiple inexpert advisors present. They cannot be as true and profitable as they claim. Before buying a ready made EA, one needs to be very careful and do his/her own research. A ready made As EA can only help a specific group of traders changes is done accordingly.

There is a definite lack of human touch. And EA can be complete with all the good and profitable norms, but it can never surely beat the human brain. The complete absence of human emotion is also bad for the trading career.

The EAs can run on MT4 platform, which you have to install before utilizing this program. Which means you can only use it from the device it is present on. Thus, the EA can only run when the PC is on.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)-

A VPS is an online version of the MT4 platform which allows the EA. The online version is hosted on an external server, enabling your EAs to operate even when your computer is switched off. Through it, you won’t have to stay with a computer always.

One can easily his own EA or directly can download someone else’s model. Whatever the way might be, it surely needs back testing, so that you can reap maximum benefits out of it.

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Daily Free MCX Commodity Live Tips -Best Intraday Trading Strategy

Every new and looser trader try to search for free live tips provider or MCX Commodity tips provider within India. But they hardly come to a conclusion to finalize best one among them. Every commodity tips advisory claim it self as a best tips provider and always commodity for 100% sure shot calls for gold, crude oil and other scripts.

In this scenario, traders often become confused on which one should be trust worthy. If they check reviews websites then they will see positive feedback for all intraday tips sellers because those opinions are added themselves. So, there is no scope to find a way to find actual tips provider with real success proof.

This article will give you knowledge on why should you find a best commodity tips provider for success and how do that.

Daily Free MCX Commodity Live Tips - Intraday Trading

Testing Commitments With Free Commodity Tips Vs Reality :

Check those websites who offers one day free trial and see they will never give you extended trial for few more days even if you pay money for those extra days. They will only give you one day free trial cor gold or crude oil trading and then you have to buy their membership.

Free Tips is never a free in reality, this is just a trap to catch hopeless people who have never made actual profit by trading in MCX or Commodity market. You must have seen fisher men putting ready hunt in hook to hunt new fish in their net. This is same strategy given with greedy offer, when companies offer free tips then new traders often think of trying each company for every single day and then make profit.

But after making profit from their tips for one day trial, your mind will become confused to buy their premium packages counting that one day profit as daily profit. Now, you will ask those free tips providers to offer few more days trial then they will simply refuse and cut the phone.

Intraday Free Commodity Live Tips Advisory

Reality Of Free MCX / Commodity Tips :

Every tips seller offer just one day trial with 50 / 50 win / loss possibility thinking to trap new clients. So when you try their tips for single day then you are likely to become their premium member and if not you then other trader will surely join.

Free Crude or MCX tips providers daily get lots of inquiries and they convince client with free trial. This way, they can convert those free members into premium members easily. But where is reality ?, if you check experienced traders then they always say no to buy premium tips because they have never made profit from trial.

So, we want you to gain full benefit on why those companies are still earning money by selling tips even if they don’t have good success rate.

Crude Operator Vs Other Commodity Tips Sellers :

When you call us for free trial we always say no from our side, but if you still don’t get convinced then we offer one day trial like others. The reason for not recommending one day trial is because it is not going to give you any profit even if you earn money from single day trial then it is still not going to be proof of regular success.

This is where we are different from other companies who just seek money in clients and nothing much. Our company is branded as “Crude Operator” having big client base across India. Commodity script includes Crude Oil, Copper, Nickel, Zinc, Natural Has, Lead and more.

In those scripts Crude Oil is first choice for every small trader and big traders also trade in Gold. We provide tips for both Gold and Crude Oil with high accurate, not 100% win rate but average 85% proven success rate. Now client’s will raise same question, why they should buy out tips and how can they trust ?

Best Commodity MCX Tips Provider Crude Oil

Benefits Of Buying Tips From Crude Operator :

Weekly Trial : This is highly preferred package for every one who is tried of one day trial and don’t want to buy monthly package. So, here is the secret, just go with our one week commodity trading package and see how our tips perform for your live intraday trading sessions.

Within one week, you will be ready to take decision and predict your self if you should buy our MCX or Crude oil tips packages or not. So even if you are not satisfied with our results, you are still going to spend small amount in weekly trial compare to monthly packages.

Profit and Money Management :

We always take care of client’s expectation with our money management expert team. First of all, we analyze capital of client’s account to know the investment capacity. Then we also check client’s risk capacity to suggest them best trading strategy to balance profit, and loss.

Commodity Trading Strategy Money Management

If you come with 20 K and start trading in 3 lot then it will wash your account with 2 constant loss. That’s why money management is always considered as the bullet proof shield in trading world. Free tips providers never discuss about safe stop loss or money management. They just tell you one thing and that is “100% success guarantee” which is totally fake slogan.

Our stop loss and profit levels are so balanced that even if you loose trades some day then you are still be able to follow other recovery calls.

What We Have To Offer In Premium Commodity Tips Package :

For e.g. If you buy our crude oil trading tips or any other trading tips package then you get same benefits. Our trading calls are generated in little advance to give you time to prepare for early entry. The trading message never creates confusion as it only suggest one entry, exit (profit point), and stop loss (secure your account).

Every weekend has 2 off trading days so we never count those off days or holidays in trading package. That means, you are only going to pay for those 30 trading days when market is open. So this is called full return on invested money and real value of commitment.

Check Premium Commodity / Crude Tips Package

Check MCX Crude Oil Past Performance

Our Commodity Daily Pivot Calculator

Paid Trial

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