MCX Crude Oil – Daily Pivot Point & Support Resistance Levels

Daily Intraday Pivot Points for Commodity and MCX

Pivot point is an indicator that helps you to determine trend of the market for various time frames. It is a technical analysis term used to indicate the exact direction of the market. If we tend to describe pivot calculator in straightforward term then it’s average of high, low and shutting costs derived from the previous day trading data : e.g. High, Low and Close

MCX Daily Pivot Points Calculator - Crude Operator

Best Fibonacci Pivot Calculator by Crude Operator

As I said that Fibonacci pivot point levels for crude oil or any MCX or Commodity scripts are messily gained by calculating Pivot point with standard method. The next step is to multiply the previous day range with it’s Fibonacci level. Most of the professional crude oil traders prefer to use 38.2%, 61.8% and 100% replacements as entry or exit point while trading in MCX gold or crude oil scripts.


ALUMINIUM MAY 130.05 131.35 132.65 133.85 135.2
COPPER – APR 366.7 374.8 385.1 393.25 403.4
CRUDEOIL – MAY 945 1120 1260 1385 1545
GOLD – JUN 44635 44910 45460 45965 46235
LEADMINI – APR 124.35 127.9 131.8 135.4 139.4
NAT GAS – APR 130.6 138.7 144.4 149.8 152.6
NICKEL APR 892 912 935 952 970
SILVER MAY 40510 41135 41985 42625 43050
ZINC MAY 141.6 144.4 148.9 152.8 157.35

MCX Crude Oil Pivot Points Table : Free Daily Updates

This page is updated daily to give you daily pivot points and Fibonacci levels for most of the scripts like Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Copper, Nickel, Lead, Zinc, Aluminum etc. By following these pivot points, you can easily determine best entry points in the market. When you market moving around pivot points then it can indicate two signals : either it goes for break out or come back for price reversal.

MCX Daily Pivot Points table will show you daily support resistance with 3 major and minor points. So the main factor to create pivot or Fibo table is previous days high, low and closing price. It’s big headache to count daily pivot points for traders and that’s why we have introduced this page where you can come back daily and get the daily pivot and Fibonacci levels.

Pivot Points 30 min 1 hour chart - Crude Oil

Can We Make Profit With Pivot Points or Fibonacci Levels ?

Many new traders consider this table as the hero signal which indicates sure shot trading entry points. But that is wrong myth, you can definitely trust pivot tables to trade in crude, gold or any scripts but that never guarantees the 100% success.

Most of the traders place advanced trade for certain points but we see that market just touch those points and reverse back to other direction. And traders hold the trades with a hope for the market to come back in desired direction and they often bare loss.

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Pivot points can be seen for daily, weekly, monthly and different periods which depends in your trading strategy. But still you must use it just as a decision supportive tool. There are many factors out there to determine the MCX scripts movements for crude, gold, silver and all scripts.

Pivot Points or Fibonacci Levels Crude Oil Free Daily - Crude Operattor

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