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Things you need to know before buying PAID indicators

Concerning the trader perspective, each that loves in the phase of search of Holy Grail has at least once tried to explore the PAID indicator and usually ends in finding the wrong signs having no edge in the market. It has been estimated that approximately 98% of the PAID signs seem to be the snake oil vendors that is being able to polish the open-source codes through altering the indicator color and some little tweak in the coding and parameters that shows it colorful and exhibit future forecasting stuff through allowing the colossal amount of returns. This article will help the individual to understand some of the steps involved in purchasing the PAID indicators.

Some Important Things to Consider

There are various things that an individual must consider in before purchase the paid indicators. And there are several ways through which an individual is being able to protect themselves from choosing the wrong indicators. Some of the critical consideration in selecting the right indicators is listed below:

  1. Backtest Reports

Ask the provider of PAID indicator to offer the backtest report. Concerning 5 years about the favorite commodity in which the individual is looking to trade. It has been understood that mostly the snake oil vendors don’t have enough data available. When the data is not provided the individual needs to acknowledge more knowledge regarding the provider. In order to make the correct decision in term of choosing his PAID indicator.

  1. Demo

Acquire the DEMO of the paid indicator and backtest it yourself. Which is being available across the favorite timeframe in which the individual is looking to trade. The individual needs to make sure that they are adding the entire cost of trading. It is important for the reason that, the snake oil vendor doesn’t have enough skill set to pass a simple backtest.

  1. Trade Monitor

Monitoring the trading system live for 3 days or even a month to understand the condition of the trading system completely. However, in the instance, if an individual is looking to understand the system based on short-time analysis. Then certainly it is a big mistake. This is for the fact that monitoring for such interval will not help to understand the overall performance of the system.

  1. Past Results

In the instance, if the PAID indicator provider is looking to perform the backtest only for the past month. That comprises with 15 to 20 trades about claim more than 75% winning ratio and insist them to offer the result concerning to last 500 or 1000 traders. In the instance of only observing the high number of trade will provide the idea concerning trading strategy performance. It exists across the various style of, markets along with the riskiness involved in the process of trading involved.

  1. A proper look into trades

When the PAID indicator provider is showing only the indicator snapshot, ask them to display the prediction concerning to future correctly. And then the individual needs to repeat the steps that have been discussed above. In most of the case, if the provider is guaranteeing the sure short return after the process of the trading, it probably seems to be the snake oil vendor.

  1. Know about losses

The person that doesn’t talk regarding the losses or risk included in the trading system is the snake oil vendor. It is quite evident that none of the individuals wants to acknowledge the risky nature of the trading system nor the PAID indicator. They do not want to reveal the risk present. Or don’t have sufficient knowledge to explain the level of riskiness in the trading system.

  1. Know about your Indicators

It has been quite easy to figure out the snake oil vendor that usually represent different charts. And seems to create massive profit through the contact numbers embedded over the tables. This will certainly assist in enhancing the profit margin that eventually relates to the high sales demand.

  1. Better Results

It has been acknowledged that various oil vendors are entering into the Algo Trading segments as the newbie traders. There are many facts that this trading is considered a real money-making machine and thus can forecast better.


These are some of the essential things that an individual must consider while purchasing the PAID indicators. The individual recommends to perform adequate research and follow the steps to attain the right value of their money. Which is spent in choosing the PAID indicator provider. I hope the above discussion regarding the PAID indicator helps you to select the right indicators. If you have any query or suggestion regarding the concerned topic. Let us know by commenting in the box given below. Thanks for your valuable time.

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