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MT4 Data Feed for MCX and NSE

MT4 Data Feed for MCX and NSE

The trading platform for Meta-Trader 4 is intended for Forex trading and agreements for the term. Traders can evaluate financial markets, conduct sophisticated trading activities, execute trading robots, and copy other traders ‘ activities with Meta-Trader 4.

The platform supports three operation performance methods, including instant performance, as well as two market orders, four pending orders and two stop orders, as well as a shutdown functionality at the end of the course.

Quick trading features allow you to send trading orders directly from the graph in a single click. The integrated tick graphics function provides a precise method for determining entry and exit points. You can introduce several Forex trading policies with the rich features of Meta-Trader 4.

The Meta-Trader 4 platform offers many analytical possibilities. Each symbol can present in 9 periods, allowing traders to see price dynamics in detail.

For the most comprehensive price dynamic assessment, 30 integrated technical indicators, and 24 graphic elements are available. Combine these techniques, identify trends, determine entry and exit points, and you can carefully assess market movements with the comprehensive analytical abilities of Meta-Trader 4 to capture the best time to negotiate.

What is MCX?

First of all, it is essential to know the full MCX form, Multi Commodity Exchange. It is an Internet platform that negotiates primary products such as gold, silver, lead, copper, zinc, crude oil, etc. MCX has its office in Mumbai and began operations in 2003.

This is India’s largest term exchange of products. MCX was the Future Markets Commission (FMC) regulatory authority until mid-2015, after which FMC, with SEBI.

What is MCX Trading?

Buying and selling essential products takes place on MCX. Meanwhile the trading can be either physically or in cash. However, SEBI, the MCX controller recently made the physical regulation of inventory derivatives mandatory.

India Ltd. (NSE) is an Indian stock exchange located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The National Stock Exchange (NSE) was established in 1992 as a demutualized electronic stock exchange.

It was promoted by the major financial institutions at the request of the Indian government. It’s the biggest turnover exchange in India. The electronic on-screen trading was started in 1994.

Then the index and trade term contracts were launched on the Internet in 2000, the country’s first of its kind. M. Vikram Limaye is NSE’s CEO.

Following the suggestions of the High Power study group on the creation of new scholarships, the NSE came into existence. The group was created by the government to provide a solution that would facilitate involvement in the stock market and make it available to all. It was after the Harshad Mehta stock market scam in 1992.

Get to know more about NSE

  • NSE, based in Mumbai, provides businesses with a platform to raise funds. Likewise, it also provides investors with access to asset categories such as shares, bonds, and derivatives, as well as currencies and mutual fund shares.
  • Secondly, it allows new registrations, initial public offers (IPO), debt emissions, and Indian Deposit Receipts (IDR) from foreign companies raising capital in India.
  • NSE provides negotiation, compensation, and settlement services for equity securities, stock derivatives, and debt and currency derivatives. It was the first Indian stock exchange to offer installations
  • Therefore MCX Sure Gain provides a real-time source of information for Live MT4 in several major markets such as MCX, NSE, COMEX, FOREX, and NYMEX. For traders negotiating stock or commodity markets, our information is preferable.
  • MT4 offers a real-time information flow service via the online mapping function. The MT4 data stream is the most reliable and ideal for stock traders or merchandise traders to perform their technical analysis. It provides better data on the market trend.

The best tool for Stock Exchange, Meta Trader-4

Easy to Use:

You must use this tool if you negotiate on the stock or commodity market. As It is very easy to use. This software also includes all basic indicators, oscillators, and mapping tools. The Meta-trader code base itself contains the most excellent variety of indices and strategies


Three kinds of graphs, such as BAR, LIGNE, and CANDLESTICK, can be used. In our MT4 real-time data stream, you can also create the most of indices like RSI, MACD, Mobile Average, etc.

Live Updates:

All the necessary Information on Mt4 is provided with live MCX rates, NSE over-the-air rates, Comex over-the-air rates and above-the-air rates. In addition, it also comes with significant indicators for all other sectors. We also provide automatic purchase and sell signal indicators for the proper purchase or sale of input and output.

Safety Standard in Meta – Trader 4

Most importantly, the Meta-Trader 4 software is for all kinds of traders, engineers, investors, and is very user-friendly. In addition, the Meta-Trader 4 platform even meets the most stringent safety standards. Therefore, the data exchange comes with encryption between the client terminal and the platform servers.

Meanwhile, this platform also encourages the use of RSA digital signatures. Therefore, there is an assurance that your professional accounts are safe.

Meta-Trader 4 presents an impressive set of sophisticated negotiation and analysis characteristics. The platform provides a user-friendly interface to facilitate understanding of all functionalities and operating principles. It will take you only a few minutes to launch the platform.

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